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We humanise brands

We believe that marketing has taken consumers for granted for too long.

Like any good relationship, when contempt sets in it’s time to move on. We at Gravity
Thinking moved on.
We provide consumers with a way to connect to brands on their own terms. We don’t seek
to outsmart or outmanoeuvre them.
We give them what they want by finding and telling stories of brands in a way that makes
consumers care.
Creating value to the consumer and in turn value to your business.

It’s time to start falling in love again.


At Gravity, we immerse ourselves in the world of each and every brand.

Our approach combines psychometrics and Crimson Hexagon, with the intelligence of IBM Watson, and Neuropsychologists. This enables us to devise a clear, authentic, and holistic point of view of the personality of your brand.

But we don’t stop there. To get under the skin of each brand, we’ve participated in everything from séances to taxidermy lessons and meetings with engineering teams.

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When it comes to people, we focus on how to best get our work in front of them – whether that’s via influencers, through native advertising or highly targeted social advertising.

To do this, we collaborate with robust network of specialist partners and bring our ideas to where people are.

We make real connections.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Not our words. Arthur C Clarke. At Gravity, we use technology to make magic happen – digitally, socially, actually.

Our ideas are grounded in logic. But all your customers will see is the magic. Magic that changes conversations. Magic that gets people talking.

Founded on insight derived from social listening – the hidden compartment in our box of creative tricks – we’re able to create truly incredible campaigns that astound, astonish, delight and inspire.

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But enough about us. You want to know what we can do

  • Listen

    Using social listening, we discover genuine insight. We use big data, but big brains help.

  • Plan

    We use intelligence to turn insight into strategy. Everyone works together and has their say.

  • Create

    With knowledge and insight behind us, we create campaigns that change conversations about brands.