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  • RT @thisiskays: Been quoted in @qz by @rojospinks. Poor Elle Darby... she picked the wrong guy, basically. But it's an opportunity for infl…

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  • RT @TheDrum: No more excuses for all male panels: here's 50 of the best female speakers

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  • What colour makes you feel positive? Our latest work for @Hyundai_UK will explore which colours help to uplift our…

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  • A round-up of the most important social news you need this week!

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  • Influencer marketing is a minefield for brands - some wise words words from Gravity Thinking's @thisiskays that any…

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  • RT @adweak: BREAKING: Study Finds "Skip Ad" Button Received The Most Clicks Of Anything On The Internet In 2017

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  • RT @adweak: BREAKING: Brands Say They're Planning To Stick With Strategy Of Creating Hashtags No One Will Ever Use Throughout 2018

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