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There are two sides
to every story.

Here are ours.

  • Michaela MacIntyre

    Business Director

    Logic // Gives more damns about everything than most. Eagle-eyed detail diva. Straight-talker. 

    Magic // Fierce defender of the idea. Dog botherer. Moonshine maker. Collector of forgotten photographs. Gin Club Founder. Flâneuse.

  • Andrew Roberts

    Managing Partner

    Logic // Loves data more than he lets on. Social nerd. Brand upholder. Third arm mobile. 

    Magic // Constantly curious. Ball chaser. Run maker. Cycle collector. Travelholic. Too tall.

  • Martyn Gooding

    Creative Director

    Logic // Let me do you a talk on system 2 thinking, behavioural economics or swiss grid systems. 

    Magic // Buy me a drink to hear about generative design, martial arts, cars or single-malt whisky.

  • Stephen Firth

    Managing Partner

    Logic // All about great work that works, numbers and data geek, focused on positive outcomes, agency dad… 

    Magic // Cycle a lot, family man, cycle a lot, wine lover, cycle a lot, coffee connoisseur, cycle a lot, chocoholic…