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Allianz Insurance

School Run Stories Social Media campaign

Allianz are one of the world’s leading insurers and financial services businesses established for more than 100 years providing comprehensive car insurance and home insurance to thousands of customers across the UK. Gravity Thinking were challenged to support Allianz UK ‘School Run’ television campaign by owning the conversation around the topic both online and offline, building awareness for the brand int the UK by creating a link between Allianz and the trials and tribulations of the school run that the brand can own.


Give them something they are interested in and can empathise with.


Recognising that the audience wouldn’t engage with messages about car and home insurance we needed to come up with an idea that was connected to the brand communications and offering but also showed empathy that was delivered in an engaging format. We found that there were numerous and varied conversations about the school run across social media, both negative and positive.


We created genuinely engaging and shareable content themed around everyday conversations.


While everyone else in the category was talking about car insurance we produced something that was both personal and entertaining – showing real people undertaking the same journey that millions of us do every day – the school run.

We themed the videos linking to subjects of conversation we can all relate to – news items such as the Royal pregnancy, activities such as signing and telling jokes, games such as ‘spot the car’ and ‘thumb wars’ provided the perfect antidote to the otherwise stressful experience.

Over 2.5m reached 10% clicked on the videos providing over 250k views at a cost per view of 4p. 75% of people watched the videos all the way through.