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Callaway Golf

Odyssey EyeFit App

Being number 1 (with a 55% market share) is usually a nice problem to have. But when you’ve also got 66 different products on the market, it can be hard for customers to make the right choice. Our app made it easy for people to find the right putter, increasing satisfaction with their choice and making them more likely to recommend the brand.



We turned an old-fashioned, analogue idea into an easily accessible digital guide. 


Odyssey, Callaway’s brand of putters, had already created an in-store point of sale display that enabled golfers to select a putter using a mirror to assess their stance. While it worked, it was confusing and cumbersome and didn’t sit well with Callaway’s high-technology, precision-engineered products.

Using the same ‘eyeFIT’ approach, we created a digital finder, enabling golfers to give themselves a custom, bespoke fitting wherever they were by simply using their phone or tablet.


When an app works beautifully, people spend more time with it.


When it’s done correctly, the technology behind an iOS app is magical in its simplicity. Our app enabled golfers to quickly and easily determine which putter was right for them using a virtual mirror to assess stroke and style, a scrolling selector for alignment and a slider, making the process feel far more interactive and personal, while still ensuring the process is as simple as possible.

We received over 10,000 downloads of the app with 40,000 sessions and a average usage time of 2 minutes, meaning people were easily and quickly able to choose the right putter, while still spending substantial time with the brand. Data collected showed that 40% of people used the app at least two times.