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Disney Mother’s Day

Celebrating Magical Mothers


Everybody knows and loves Disney. It’s a brand we associate with family and cuddling on the sofa, with a classic film our parents passed on to us, or a new one that they took us to see.

How do you create engaging content for one of the World’s leading content producers to celebrate a very special time of year - Mothers Day? Focusing on the intimate connection between Mothers and their children we created a unique shareable film celebrating magical mothers everywhere.



Disney films are remembered as special time spent with Mothers and Grandmothers




Our social listening review found that mentions of Disney were directly analogous to comfort; snuggling up on the TV on a Sunday afternoon with a hot drink watching good triumph over evil and experiencing the magic that Disney creates best. Interestingly a large number of these references mentioned watching with your Mother or Grandmother and in turn Mothers and Grandmothers watching with their kids. This provided us with the perfect platform to connect with mums.


Celebrating magical mums everywhere


We created a short film with no scripts and no direction, which captured mothers and their children sharing their Disney moments together. From fighting Captain Hook and dancing like Mowgli and Baloo to casting spells with the fairy godmother or the fact that “when mummy was your height, she watched this film”. The films brought to life the magic of Disney, creating a shareable conversation starter across Disney’s 9 different Facebook channels and 5 different Twitter accounts on Mother’s Day itself celebrating magical mums everywhere.


In a short space of time and on a modest budget, 485K people were reached, with 35% of them viewing our film providing 171K views and over 20,000 social engagements. 9% of those who watched engaged and we provided a truly magical celebration of mums for Mother’s Day.