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Driven by optimism

New thinking. New Possibilities. For Hyundai, that means challenging convention and pushing boundaries even if that results in only a tiny improvement in the driving experience. They build their own robots to make sure their cars are properly built, they make their own steel to guarantee quality and their engineers are working on new possibilities for the cars of the future. Hyundai’s ambition to do and be more is what got the company this far. But they need to go a step further.

The brand has not yet earned that ‘innovation’ positioning in people’s minds. So we needed to create content that showed why this mentality is unique to Hyundai and why it matters. The desire to always be and do better speaks to progress and quality. It also says that Hyundai is a brand that is always evolving, always trying their best to be at the top of their game.


We set out to discover how far optimism can take you

When it comes to the audience, age doesn't matter. Mindset does. These are progressive thinkers; people who are always on the lookout for the next big thing. They are curious, modern and open-minded with an entrepreneurial attitude that loves products that push the boundaries.

We needed to surprise and amaze these prospects with a film that brings to life the Hyundai spirit in a relatable, original and meaningful way. So we began with innovation itself. What lies at the heart of innovation? Optimism.


We set out to drive a Hyundai with the power of thought

We created a series of films called ‘Driven by optimism’, giving us a stage to tell Hyundai’s technology and innovation story in a human and personable way. We modified two i20s so they were powered by the positive thinking of its occupants (through the use of EEG headbands), and we asked one question: How far can optimism take you?

But we couldn’t just put anyone in the car. We recruited influencers who could best bring to life the idea of Optimism. We found athletes to represent their positive mental attitude, a man who had maintaining his positivity while going blind, and a professional life coach to show the harnessable power of the mind.

The campaign had positive results with over 1m views on YouTube, a further 1m on Facebook and just shy of 500k on Instagram with people watching for over 20 seconds on each film.