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The Fathers Day Restoration Project 

Glenfiddich has been a family run business since 1887 and has a true family story at its heart, a story of a family working together to build something incredible - a distillery that has remained in the family for five generations. We wanted to bring that story to life for consumers while also offering them something above and beyond the usual offering of a 'personalised bottle' for Father's Day, creating a real talking point.


Father’s Day was the ideal time to inspire people using a piece of history from Glenfiddich’s family story


Recognising that many people's family photos from years ago are fading into history, we created a social campaign offering to restore and recolourise old family photos for Glenfiddich's followers.

We then used a family photo featuring William Grant and his eldest son to launch the campaign, producing a beautiful and emotive brand video showing the photo being restored, but also telling the story behind the photo, of achievement shared between father and son, inspiring people to contribute their own photos and stories.


Instead of following the category, we led with genuinely inspiring, shareable content.


While everyone else in the category was leading with the message of 'personalise a bottle for Father's Day', we produced something that was truly personal -- linking the brand story to the present day and giving Glenfiddich fans the opportunity to have their memories brought 'back to life'.

Because of the amount of goodwill the campaign generated, we extended the activity beyond Father's Day with further video content telling the stories behind the winning photos we restored. Naturally uplifting and heartwarming, the videos boosted the shareability of the activity and amplified Glenfiddich's family run message.

5,900 impressions