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We were briefed to create an inspiring new website for Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky. We created a luxurious look and feel truly in keeping with this premium brand.

Our aim wasn’t simply to inform people about Glenfiddich, to increase engagement, or even to convert readership into action – although these were essential factors. Our ultimate goal was to change the conversation about this premium spirits brand, reminding people that because the distillery is family run, Glenfiddich puts more care and attention into their whiskies.


A clear, responsive design led to widespread global adoption among Glenfiddich’s local markets.

We created a seamless user experience across desktop, mobile and tablet, ensuring the website had a premium look and feel at all times.

By researching and profiling Glenfiddich’s customer base, we were able to craft compelling and relevant content to inspire and inform them, served in a way that brings the brand’s character to life.

The website was built in a way that made it easy and cost effective for local markets to adopt, ensuring Glenfiddich’s updated web presence became truly global.


By better understanding the consumer’s desires, we were able to craft even more compelling content.


To create truly inspiring web content, we had to gain a deeper understanding of the Glenfiddich consumer. Who were they? What did they want to know? How could we help them gain a greater appreciation of their single malt?

Once we understood the consumer, we were able to create compelling content and place it within a beautiful design that exudes modernity while still remaining true to the brand’s heritage as a family run distillery.

Dwell time doubled in the first six months after launch, leading to over 600,000 minutes of focused engagement with the brand, while repeat visits have increased from 13% to 20%. We created a site worth coming back to.

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