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'From our Family to ours'


Christmas is the single biggest sales period for Single Malt Whisky. We needed to create awareness and engagement in the run up to this very noisy period. Since 1887, Glenfiddich has been a family run business and has a true family story at its heart. We wanted to bring this story to life for consumers, and give them something personal for Christmas: a time to celebrate family.


Christmas is about 2 things: Being with family and giving gifts.



A truly personal gift from someone is more valuable - and therefore more loved - than a gift simply given 'by the brand'.

We created a campaign to give people a personal gift 'from our family to yours' as being a family run business gave us the permission to do so. We didn’t want to just run a competition – we wanted it to feel more valuable and more personal than that.



We sent gifts from our family to yours.



We created a campaign where consumers could receive a mystery gift from a member of the Glenfiddich family for themselves and another member of their family.  The mystery gifts were presented through a series of short films – if a fan could guess the gift being described they could receive it in time for Christmas.  From a VIP trip to the distillery from Kirsten Grant Miekle (5th generation family member) to a coveted bottle of limited edition Snow Phoenix from Ian Miller our Global Brand Ambassador. These were no ordinary gifts; they were thoughtful and valuable to our consumers, just like gifts from a family should be

This campaign was a great success, both inspiring engagement and amplifying the message of family, and why it matters so much to Glenfiddich.  There were over 569,032 video views at just £0.10 per view and 3,114 entries into the competition.

Most importantly we established the brand as a caring family run business at a time of year when family matters more.