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‘Lady Luck’ Campaign


Casinos are traditionally seen as foreboding places only for the seasoned gambler, we wanted to change this and show that Grosvenor Casinos welcome everyone.

With both the traditional unluckiest day of the year – Friday 13th - and the symbolically lucky Chinese New Year falling in the same week what better opportunity to talk about ‘Luck’ and its intrinsic connection with gambling and casinos.



‘Lady Luck’ is the personification of the open and welcoming nature of Grosvenor Casinos’



Over 1,000 people a day use the #luck on Twitter and it is associated with a huge variety of the subjects from luck with the ladies to day to day luck and of course ‘luck’ in gambling.

To take advantage of this trend we created a character – ‘Lady Luck’, played by comedienne Victoria Stedeford. ‘Lady Luck’ sat in residence at Grosvenor Casinos for a week talking to people in real time across Facebook and Twitter encouraging engagement, conversation and sharing.


Filmed over 100 real time responses to create an ongoing dialogue



We found people who needed a bit of luck and filmed over 100 real time responses to create an on-going dialogue with our audience offering them everything from flowers to VIP nights at their local Grosvenor Casino – one lucky lady even met the man of her dreams on the night out!

To spread the net wider she jumped onto current events, trending topics and celebrity stories and commented on these resulting in dialogue with some high profile people including Rebecca Adlington and even Eastenders ‘Ian Beale’.



255k views with a 24% engagement rate

For a modest budget we created 237.4K engagements , 235,000 video views at a 24% engagement rate resulting in over 4k new page likes/followers at a 1p per engagement