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20th anniversary campaign

The Imedeen brand of ‘beauty from within’ products has always had a loyal following, but despite this loyalty, relatively few consumers were becoming advocates. So we came up with a campaign that made it easy for consumers to share their love of the brand. More than 5,000 did so.


When you’re a brand, consumers are only interested in what you can do for them.


Imedeen is an anti-aging beauty brand – in essence you take 2 tablets a day and it nourishes the dermal layers of the skins structure decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

For over twenty years, consumers have trusted the product to give them ‘beauty from within’. But by reviewing competitor campaigns, we quickly realised that consumers didn’t care about celebrating brands’ birthdays. They cared about what the brand had done for them.


Give satisfied customers the right platform and they’ll share their love.


We decided to use the brand’s 20th anniversary to celebrate the difference their products make to their customers. Yes, Imedeen reduces fine lines and wrinkles. But more importantly, it does it ‘from within’ in the form of a tablet. So we decided to celebrate ‘what beauty from within’ means to you. We developed an integrated campaign that inspired loyal customers to contribute their personal thoughts on what inner beauty truly means. Using a carefully crafted campaign website, we helped users create a gallery of emotive, positive and uplifting content that could be viewed, discussed and shared more widely. Over 5,000 women contributed to the campaign and we were able to use their contributions to create further content to share more widely, amplifying the brand’s word of mouth reach.