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Kid's car tours

How we revoloutionised the in-car tour.

People don't just walk into a dealership and pick out a new car anymore. They ask questions and research online. More specifically, they visit YouTube to learn more about car models, avoiding the pressure of the unpleasant dealership experience. But the content that exists is very dry and difficult to understand. This gave us the opportunity not just to produce in car tours, but to reinvent the experience. To not just make it understandable, but watchable too.

We set out to produce a series of short tours with compelling, original and easy-to-understand content for prospective customers. Hosted on YouTube, the films would exude the brand personality, while detailing all the key features one would expect from the dealer. We wanted this online experience to convince prospective buyers to take their decision to the next level.


"If you can’t explain it to a six year old,

you don’t understand it yourself."

- Albert Einstein

Existing car tours mostly replicated the dealership experience, offering very rational content and making it difficult for non-car enthusiast to evaluate their decisions. So we had an epiphany. Einstein once said: If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself’. So what if we gave kids a tour of the cars? Then the features could be understood by everyone.

So we created Kid's Car Tours - a series of informative and funny films where we surprised our car dealer with the challenge to give a VIP tour of our cars to a bunch of kids, highlighting key product features in an understandable and relatable way.


We challenged our dealer to give a Kid's car tour


And the results? The campaign racked up over 3.3m impressions on Youtube, with over 1.1m views. It also reached 270k people on Facebook with 93k views and over 600 likes. Making this this Hyundai’s most successful in-car tour ever and driving the way forward in a bit to rid YouTube of mundane technical content.