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Malt Master Class Videos

When Glenfiddich asked us to create some beautiful video content to help people gain a greater appreciation of their range of single malts, we knew it had to be perfect. Our research into the category suggested that very few brands were taking online mentoring seriously. We saw the opportunity to take ownership of this space and create truly engaging, interactive content to educate, inform and inspire.


In the premium spirits category, the provenance of a single malt is as important as its taste.

To create maximum impact, we agreed that the finished product should be approachable for all levels of whisky enthusiast, from beginner to connoisseur. Knowledge is power: the more people understand about a brand, the more they are likely to consume it. We therefore focused not just on the whisky, but on the story behind it.

Shooting on location at The Glenfiddich Distillery, we created a series of 90 second videos with Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, nosing and tasting Glenfiddich’s most popular single malt Scotch whiskies, aimed at giving people a greater appreciation of each expression, as well as a greater understanding of the process behind it.


We appealed to people who wanted to see more by making interactive, clickable hotspots.

To add additional layers of interest and allow people to ‘dive further’ into the story behind each whisky, we created interactive hotspots in each video which branched off into another element of the story before returning to the main video, allowing consumers to find out even more about a topic that interested them.

Since going live, the videos have had a total of 44,118 page views across the Glenfiddich websites with an average of 1:43 minutes of dwell time across the pages. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve created assets that are head and shoulders above the competition, reinforcing the notion that Glenfiddich is truly a premium spirits brand.