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Pearson Cycles

Driving direct value online


Pearson Cycles are the oldest cycle retailer in the world having been established in 1857 in Sutton. The very same store still exists today although much like the Pearson brand it has been modernized within the high tech sport which cycling has become.

Although the Pearson high street retail presence was booming their online presence and therefore sales were not. So they called in some experts to help them out and we were happy to oblige providing them with a state of the art future proofed e-commerce platform that could unleash the potential within their business and brand.


We played to the brands strengths as an independent family run esoteric retailer.


In a high growth yet promotionally led category where buying power provides significant competitive advantage how do you cut through as a smaller independent player?

Simple, play to your strengths as a small independent family run esoteric retailer.  Showcase unique and exclusive stock that can’t be bought anywhere else on offer. Create a seamless website experience that focuses on the high levels of customer service you would expect from such a retailer. Use the knowledge, passion and experience within the business to create content that pulls consumers to the website. And finally create a best in class website experience that converts any interest into action.


We clearly differentiated the proposition from the pile it high sell it cheap competitive offering.


The website was designed and developed to create a more immersive and personal experience, something clearly differentiated to the pile it high sell it cheap competitive offerings.

High quality photography showcased the exclusive products in a premium way. Content was designed to clearly delineate between the retail, service and added value. Within the retail section devices were used to help consumers chose the right products delivering in store experiences online, such as endorsement and opinion from Will and Guy Pearson.

There was also a specific focus on added value blog content which in turn would drive traffic to the retail section and increase conversion rates.

So far the results have exceed all expectations with an average order value of over £100 and a 400% increase in website traffic. Engagement rates on the added value content and blog have increase 10 fold.