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Male Grooming Campaign

In an ever-changing landscape of male fashion, we knew it was essential to seize the opportunity to change the conversation by tapping into current trends. A huge marketing push from brands such as Gillette has made electric razors seem old-fashioned and ineffective. This simply isn’t the case. With an interest in male grooming on the rise, Philips had a huge opportunity to introduce their range of grooming razors to a younger, more style-savvy audience. We found a way to target and engage with them.


When you find a hot topic of conversation, it makes sense to join in.


By listening to a wide range of online conversations about male grooming, style and fashion in general, we discovered that so-called ‘manscaping’ was fast becoming a hot topic of conversation.

Not only was it a controversial subject of debate, it was the ideal conversation for Philips to join in and reignite people’s interest in electric razors by demonstrating their efficiency and versatility.


We showed people how they could use Philips to create a look that’s right for them

The truth is that everyone is different, no-one wants to look the same as everyone else. So we created nine different personas based on the looks that young men were creating.

From ‘the rocker’ to ‘the dandy’, we outlined what each look entailed and showed how Philips’ range of electric razors could help people achieve their desired look.

Over 250,000 people visited our website, with one in ten going on to visit the online shop. Using online influencers to add to our reach, we estimate that over three million people were exposed to our campaign.