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While everyone knows that good dental hygiene is important, not enough people talk about it. We targeted influencers and got them talking about Philips’ innovative range of electric toothbrushes. Philips’ biggest competitor, Oral B, was achieving higher levels of engagement. It made sense to evaluate their activity, learn from it, and apply those findings to our own campaign. Using the launch of Philips’ new Diamond Clean and Air Floss products, we showed Sonicare how they could extend their social reach, resulting in record sales.


Inspiring trust is key to convincing people to make a purchasing decision.


By conducting extensive social listening, we determined that dental health was highly discussed in the areas of health and beauty, gadgets and dental professionals. But most importantly, we learned that product reviews from trusted sources were by far and away the most influential element when customers were considering making a purchase.

Our response was simple yet effective: use key influencers to create trusted reviews that would get people talking about Sonicare’s range.


We took our campaign further by extending it to a second layer of influencers, amplifying its reach

We contacted 80 beauty and gadget bloggers and offered them a free product to review. 31 took us up on the offer, with 18 writing truly glowing reviews that included pictures and video.

But it wasn’t enough to simply secure the reviews, we had to make sure they were adequately promoted. That’s why we created a dynamic website destination that collated these reviews, reaching out to a further 250 bloggers, providing more information about the products and offering free products as prizes for them to give away on their blogs.

Our reviews received over a million targeted impressions, but more importantly featured on 7/10 of the relevant ‘front page’ search results in Google