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How we inspired mums to dream big again

Over recent years, the Disney Princess line has come under fire for perpetuating female stereotypes regarding beauty standards and the role of women in society. Mothers don’t want their daughters growing up thinking they need to focus on being beautiful to attract a Prince Charming in order to find their happy ending.


The younger we are, the bigger our dreams

The Disney Princess Franchise launched activity across all channels to start promoting their modern repositioning. There was a campaign entitled “Dream Big Princess” that began in early 2016. But Disney wanted to continue the conversation between campaigns, and more specifically to target mums with a more positive perception of what it means to be a “Disney Princess”.

To get the message across, we needed to focus on the values, qualities and skills of the Disney Princesses, rather than their physical attributes or inability to control their own destinies. This is particularly relevant now, as expectations for young girls and women are shifting – this is a generation who know no glass ceiling, and may grow up in a world where gender will never be an obstacle to success.

“My Parents taught me I could be anything in the world that I wanted to be” – Joan Jett


We got kids to inspire Disney mums to dream big again

But we know that kids dream big already. The problem is that when they reach a certain age, they stop. In fact, many parents have buried or forgotten their own dreams. That journey to adulthood somehow squashed or restricted what they thought they could do. So we wanted to create a film that re-ignited that feeling of dreaming big in the parents, in the hope that they would lead by example for their children.

Working with Last Village, we create an experiment where kids were asked not only their dreams, but those of their parents too. We wanted parents to feel that they could still dream big, no matter what their age, and in turn, inspire their little princesses to keep dreaming too.

Our experiment racked up 800,000 views on Facebook and 472,000 views on YouTube, reducing some people to tears: Okay I can't be the only one who cried?! - Electric Elz, YouTube. We inspired mums: This is amazing! Here’s to keeping those dreams alive - Elizabeth Montgomery, Twitter.

And dads to be:

‘As someone who has yet to start a family, I shall aspire to asking any future children of mine questions like these and find out what they desire to be. Nevertheless, I was genuinely charmed by this and touched to realise that values like these are really good ones to be teaching people. :)’ Matthew Hillitt, Facebook.